Our Story


BluDento is a China based Audio Technology company focused on innovation and quality. We are dedicated to building products that make life that little bit easier. Established in 2012 in Shenzhen, BluDento set out to help music lovers to rediscover their old and unused wired speakers using a Bluetooth Music Receiver. Music was going wireless and with this in mind, we created our high-quality Bluetooth Music Receivers so you could enjoy your music without the use of cables. Annual sales soon reached a mark of 10,000 units and confirmed that our “Bring Your Old Speakers Back To Life” had taken us onto the right track.

We believe in delivering only the finest quality products that are here to stay. We focus on incorporating the latest technologies in our products like NFC, aptX HD, LDAC. Our dedicated team strives bring you the best wireless music experience, with high definition sound, 30 meter working range, a wide compatibility and quick setup.
Out Mission
We want to take your music system from the Golden Age of Rock to the Modern Age of Streaming. Our mission is to help protect the environment by reviving your old wired docking speakers and home theaters.
Our Goal
Build products that make your life easier. Our goal is to sell at least 100,000 Bluetooth Music Receivers by the end of 2022. Why spend money on new and expensive Home Theaters for Bluetooth features when they can be accomplished with just a BLT-2 or BLT-HD?
Connect With People, Not Wires.
We want to connect people – not wires. Our customers are emotionally attached to their vintage speakers but music technology has come a long way and these vintage devices do not satisfy today’s technological needs. BluDento is the missing link between the new age of streaming and classic hi-fi speakers.
Bring Modern Technology To Your Vintage Devices.
With the BLT-2 and BLT-HD BluDento offers top of the range Bluetooth Music Receivers. These devices allow you to stream music wirelessly to your old wired speakers. No more AUX connections! These intelligent devices stream high-quality music directly from your smartphone to your non-Bluetooth speakers. Phones, tablets desktop, laptop, wired speaker, preamp, amp, home stereo system or A/V receivers – we have you covered.
Why Do You Need It?
You have an old pair of speakers that still sound fantastic? You want to stream music from your iPhone 11 Pro, but it doesn’t have an AUX connection and your speakers don’t have Bluetooth? BluDento BLT-2 and BLT-HD are the best option in this scenario. They are economical, easy to setup and connect with any music system. And BLT-HD takes Bluetooth audio to a whole new level with its advanced aptX HD technology.

Our History

In 2012, BluDento released a Bluetooth Music Receiver with a 30pin Dock Connector, which created 10,000 annual sales.
In 2013, a Bluetooth Audio Adapter was released especially for the Bose SoundDock Series 1.
In 2014, a NFC Bluetooth Audio Receiver with both analog and digital outputs was released for home theater systems.
In 2015, BluDento offered OEM services for DAYTONAUDIO, PARTS-EXPRESS, EBODE, etc.
In 2016, Bluetooth audio solutions (hardware and software) were offered to local manufacturers/factories.

We’re MOVING FORWARD with BluDento BLT-2, BLT-HD and MORE.

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