Audioengine B1 vs BluDento

Audioengine B1 vs BluDento

Audioengine B1 vs BluDento

Having read good reviews about the competitors much more expensive Audioengine B1, I decided to look for a Bluetooth receiver that was not at the bottom of the price scale, but somewhere in between.

After looking at many different brands and options (which include NFC, "3D sound", headphone amplifier, etc), I decided to go with the BluDento BLT-2 because:

- Construction of the unit is solid and pretty similar to the Audioengine B1. It has the same location for the led, antenna, power input, etc. The aluminum profile extrusion is pretty similar and the use of socket head screws is the same.

- The DAC used in the b1 is the AKM AK4396. The BLT-2 uses the Texas PCM5102A which at a quick glance of the specs, seems to be equal or better.

- Connectivity of the BLT-2 is better, given the option of coaxial output that does not exist in the Audioengine B1.

I received the unit 15 days after placing my order, in a very solid box, neatly packed. By the way, the booklet is written in clear English.

The unit included RCA, 3.5mm stereo to RCA, Optical and power USB cables. It does not include the 5V, 200mA power adapter required, which is somewhat disappointing. I used the RCA cables and noticed them to be flimsy, and they connect loosely both on the BLT-2 and amplifier. I would prefer to feel them to be snug and somewhat beefier.

I took the unit apart to check the quality of the electronics, and found it to be very well designed and very well constructed. I was gladly surprised.

Pairing and connecting to Bluetooth sources is a breeze. It works flawlessly. I did not experience sound interruptions even when I was using the source to transfer music files via Bluetooth, while at the same time playing music through the BLT-2
Not having another Bluetooth receiver to compare to, I decided to compare the quality of the sound by playing an original CD in my sound system CD player, and the ripped mp3 at 320kbps playing on my laptop. I noticed that the CD reproduction gave better bass, and a more realistic presentation than the mp3 files through the BLT-2, but in any case good bass and clean trebles, as well as good dynamic range were present. I then decided to play the same mp3 files on my Galaxy Note-4 phone; my surprise was that there was almost no difference to the quality of the sound from the CD player! So keep in mind, that your Bluetooth source has a lot to do with the quality of the sound.

It is my opinion that most listeners will be very satisfied with the BLT-2.

I would suggest to SHENZHEN AUDIO TECH, the manufacturer of the BLT-2 to:
- Include the power adapter
- Include a power switch
- Include slightly better RCA cables
- Perhaps consider producing a Bluetooth receiver that includes a USB port as to stream music from a USB memory stick.

In any case, I am pleased with my decision, and did order a second BLT-2 for my friend.

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