BluDento BLT-HD FAQ & Review

BluDento BLT-HD FAQ & Review
I own two of the BluDento BLT-HD units, as well as two similar units from competitors. I'm going to try to answer a few common questions in my review.

1. Does it deliver the promised aptX-HD connection
Yes! One of my BLT-HD units is connected to a laptop. The transmitter LED turns green when there is an aptX-HD connection. All I have to do is wake my laptop up from sleep mode and in about 1-2 seconds the transmitter LED turns green, indicating an aptX-HD connection. The sound quality is great and the connection is stable.

2. How is audio quality?
I use the aptX-HD mode exclusively. I also have high end audio equipment (Magnepan speakers, etc.). I only play lossless audio files. I honestly cannot hear any degradation of audio quality when using the BluDento BLT-HD compared to listening with a wired connection. It's possible some users may be able to detect a difference when using aptX-HD bluetooth, but I can't. However, that's really not related to this product specificallly. Bluetooth, as a wireless protocol has inherent limitations that cables do not face. If you are looking for a Bluetooth device, your concern should be how good is the implementation of the specification in this device, the BluDento BLT-HD? In my experience, it is very good.

3. What is the Bluetooth version?
The BluDento BLT-HD supports Bluetooth 5.1 aptX Low Latency and HD. It uses the QualComm Bluetooth chipset.

4. What about the DAC?
The BluDento BLT-HD uses a Burr Brown DAC, if you know much about DAC's, you will recognize this chipset name. If you are an audiophile, you may have an opinion regarding specific Burr Brown chipsets. Personally, I like the warm sound quality of this chipset and I appreciate that the BluDento BLT-HD utilizes a Burr Brown DAC. It's a big plus compared to other similarly priced options I considered.

5. How difficult is setup?
The BluDento BLT-HD is essentially plug & play. Your transmitter will need to be set up, but the BLT-HD "just works."

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